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Are you a community club within the SFFC District?

Do you want WAFL players to visit your training?

As you can appreciate, we get several requests, and our players are all semi-professional and most hold full-time employment/study. 

Fill out this application form for "Community Week" set to be held in June 2024 (TBC). 

With a success in 2023 (read more HERE), we want to continue to keep our engagement with local clubs. 

The initiative was established by Head of Football Charlie Burke who saw it as a vital role for our players, creating inspiration and aspiration for the next generation of footballers within our zone.

"Community clubs is where it all starts and often ends for any footballer, so staying connected to our clubs will ensure the game is healthy for years to come," Burke said. 

Community Week will be an annual event across our Men's and Women's programs, so next year we will be encouraging interested clubs to nominate a team for players to visit during Community Week 2024.

Application Form HERE