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South Fremantle Football Club is pleased to provide members, supporters & stakeholders with our “Bullish”  Strategic Overview, a 4-year direction spanning the period 2022-2025.

In recent seasons we have focussed upon building a sustainable business to underpin football. We have taken significant steps in improving our financial performance, growing our membership base and achieving brand and consumer gains, all whilst sustaining stable and high-achieving football results.

It gives us the foundation to deliver on our vision - The Premier Family Club.

Our “Bullish” approach to Club operation is centred upon four (4) key strategic ambitions, being Football, Fundamentals, Future and Finance.

Each ambition guides our planning and performance, offering clarity and accountability across the entire Club.   

Within the strategic overview, we highlight:
1. Our Purpose and Vision
2. Our Key Values
3. Our Strategic Ambitions

We look to the future with great anticipation and belief in our Club, our people, and our performance aspirations.

Refer to full strategy here: Bullish | Strategic Overview [2022-2025]